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Lindsey B. says...

What a gem we have here in southern Oregon! Community acupuncture makes getting treatment affordable and convenient, so grateful to have found this place. Kris’s intuition and gift of healing is incredible. Even more, he leads workshops and trainings for stress management and overall health, he’s a true health advocate. Thank you Kris, I am beyond grateful to be working with you.

Claire Ahriana says...

So grateful! Kris brought me back from the pain and exhaustion of Lyme Disease. He never gave up and now I'm 100% better! So sold on acupuncture with the right person!!

Audriauna D. says...

Incredible experience! Very friendly owner and helps immensely! Also surprisingly very relaxing! Ha! Who would’ve known it’d be so serene to have a bunch of little needles in your body. Highly recommend!

Ryder Johanson says...

I just had an amazing first treatment from Kris today.  He found some really powerful acupuncture points on my body and I was drifting off to dreamland within a few minutes.  I left much more relaxed. Kris is a great guy and a knowledgeable and compassionate healer.  Highly recommended!

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Kris is awesome! I have recurring stiffness and muscle pain in my back (basically after every time I help someone move, lift and reach, lift and twist, etc.) and little helps. He used pinpoint needles and ran a low current between them to charge and relax the muscles, which provides about three weeks of relieve each time. Gentle, interactive, and caring, Kris is as good as they get.

Lastly: if you haven't tried acupuncture yet - this is a Chinese modality vice Japanese in that the needles are much smaller. I didn't even realize they were already in, so fear not grasshoppers!

Testimonials - Rogue Valley Community Acupuncture in Phoenix, OR

Rogue Valley Community Acupuncture
Kris Kokay L.Ac.
471 Bear Creek Plaza, Unit 1
Phoenix, OR 97535

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Testimonials - Rogue Valley Community Acupuncture in Phoenix, OR