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Sensitivity Practices

Wednesdays are set aside for those who wish to schedule one or more of the Sensitivity Practices which are a form of counseling or supportive therapies that are simple, fun and effective for all ages. They can be used separately or in conjunction with acupuncture. Think of them as different add-on practices or tools that you can take home and use yourself to help with anxiety, stress and/or pain.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

EFT uses fingertips on acupressure points instead of needles. It’s a simple psychological acupressure technique that provides additional help to release blocks of energy while stabilizing emotions. EFT has also been effective to help cope with emotional problems such as low PTSD, self-esteem, depression, and anxiety.  Acupuncture also helps with these things but EFT is an add-on technique that you can do at home, or anywhere else, to continue to work on acupressure points between acupuncture treatments.

Meridian Tapping

A single exercise that increases the circulation of blood, energy and awareness throughout the entire body. It relieves pain, discomfort, and helps to rid past emotions and also another way to support acupuncture treatments between appointments.


Different modes of inhalation and exhalation to improve the body’s ability to utilize precious oxygen that’s available whenever needed. It increases oxygen levels, reduces stress, alters attitudes, resolves worries, and helps focus the mind.  In Ayurvedic Medicine and Yoga, it's referred to as Pranayama which refers to prana (our life's breath). When the breath flows properly, improved results in body, mind and spirit appear. To clear and move energy with acupuncture while training the breath to flow smoothly brings healing at many levels.

Cost:  $35

Emotional Freedom Technique

Other - Rogue Valley Community Acupuncture in Phoenix, OR

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Other - Rogue Valley Community Acupuncture in Phoenix, OR